About Us

Sunkiss Nursery Inc is one of the largest nurseries and garden centers in Pompano Beach. We have more than 2-acres of plants, trees, shrubs, pottery, and garden accessories.

We are located East of I -95 at 2101 N Dixie Highway, south of Copans Road. We have been in the nursery business in South Florida for 35 years, our new location opened in 1991 with just two rows of plants and now has grown into a full service nursery with a wide variety of landscape materials.

We specialize in personal service for the homeowner. Bring in your landscape photo and measurements and we will be happy to give you expert advice on plants, planting, and landscape layout.

We sell all kinds of plants, including annuals, perennials, trees, shade trees, shrubs and have a big selection of pottery, and decorative patio items.


Our Recommendation: Sonoma Crown of Thorns. This variety is much better than the traditional crown of thorns with a larger leaf, more vibrant color and it’s fungus resistant. It’s a great plant for year round color.


One of our biggest recommendations when purchasing a plant is to water it every day for 30 days, and once it’s established, twice-a-week watering is plenty. In the summertime when it’s hot, jump up your sprinklers to 24 minutes, and reduce it to just 12 minutes in the winter. During water restrictions, we’re allowed to hand-water new installation for 30 days. Then watering twice a week will be fine.



“ Come & see us for all your garden needs , We are open 7 days a week “ Or don’t hesitate to call us for free advice , (954-943-0550)